Father. Founder. Software Engineer.

👋🏻‍ Hi. I'm Liam and I'm a coder. 👨🏻‍💻

I've been coding for around 25 years now. I started in high school building simple Windows desktop applications using Visual Basic 4. A few years after high school Microsoft released the first version of the .NET Framework and I quickly switched over to C# which I've been using ever since. I built Desktop applications using Windows Forms and later WPF. Then I moved to early Web Applications when Microsoft made us all suffer through the ASP.NET WebForms era 😂, which was thankfully later replaced with ASP MvC. I've also built every other manner of service from back-end Windows Services to Web Services using technologies such as .NET Remoting, WCF and now WebAPI.

During my career I've deployed many major applications to the big three cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure). Initially I was a software engineer building the applications and services, then I got involved with provisioning the infrastructure with Terraform, and this has grown to be a key area of my expertise and a large focus of mine over the last 5 years. I believe the transition to the cloud was seamless for me as I've been a keen user of many Linux distributions over the years, both professionally and personally, running Linux at home since 2006.

In 2019 I launched my own start-upALCHEMIST LABSwhere I provide cloud based consultancy services to some of the worlds leading brands. This includes teaching industry best practices and helping to build, secure and scale their cloud infrastructure and services across AWS, GCP and also Kubernetes.

I'm also hooked on modern website development now and I'm building web apps almost exclusively with React and NextJS. This website is my personal playground where I like to experiment with ideas and try out new things. Everything here is lovingly hand crafted including my blog platform which I update regularly.

Please note; this is my personal blog and the content varies wildly. Whilst often professional and focusing on the books I am reading, movies/tv that I am enjoying or games I am playing, I do on occasion just enjoy a good rant about things that are bothering me! I will post technical content from time to time if I am doing something interesting and technical at home. But most technical content will probably be published on theALCHEMIST LABSblog. (When I eventually publish the new website!)

I do have some more ideas planned for this website so expect to see it continue to evolve over time.

Finally, I hope you enjoy my content. If you doplease get in touchand let me know.